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Idaho Statistical Analysis Center (ISAC)

The Idaho Statistical Analysis Center (ISAC) resides within the Planning, Grants and Research Department of the Idaho State Police. The overall purpose of ISAC, as established by the Bureau of Justice Statistics, is the systematic collection, analysis, and dissemination of statistics related to crime, illegal drugs, victim services, and the administration of justice.

What's New!

Interactive Map of Intimate/Family Violence and Alcohol/Dug related Arrests in Idaho: Interactive map and charts of county level arrest data.

Crime in Idaho Database: Search the database for crime trends from 1974 to 2013, create downloadable excel files, and create charts using our easy to use web query.

Current Publications: PDF copies of current ISAC publications

ISAC Website

The purpose of the ISAC website is to give criminal justice agencies and community organizations access to ISAC publications and other statistical information which can be used for development and analysis of policies, operations and programs. The easiest way to navigate through the ISAC website it to use the menu listed on the right side of each page. As listed on the menu, the main sections of the website are as follows:

Data Links: Links to data resources for crime in Idaho and the rest of the nation.

ISAC Publication Library: Entire library of ISAC publications

PG&R Main page: Link back to PG&R page

Interactive Map of Drug Related Crimes in Idaho: (2007-2012) Interactive map and charts of county level demographic and arrest data.


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