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State Police

Use this interactive map to see crime rates by victims, offenders, or arrestees for all violent crimes, sexual assaults, intimate partner violence, and family violence in Idaho counties between 2006 through 2013. Click on a county to see its yearly rates. To compare multiple counties, hold shift key and click on each county. To move map, click area outside of Idaho and drag.

Data comes from Idaho's Incident Based Reporting System (IIBRS).

Violent Crimes include homicide, aggravated battery, simple assault, intimidation, kidnapping/abduction, and sexual assaults. Sexual assaults include rape, forcible sodomy, forcible fondling, and sexual assault with an object. Click this link for crime definitions.

Intimate partner violence - violent crimes against a spouse, common-law spouse, ex-spouse, or boyfriend/girlfriend (all sexual orientations). Family violence - violent crimes against a spouse, common-law spouse, parent/child, step-parent/step-child, sibling/step-sibling, grandparent/grandchild, inlaw or other family member. For clarification on relationship types, see the Crime in Idaho publication.