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There are three major steps in the ISP Trooper hiring process.  Each step has a series of parts that must be successfully complete in order to move on in the hiring process.

Step 1

Part 1 – Fill out an application online

Part 2 – Take the online Checklist Exam -must pass to take the LXR exam below

Part 3 – Take the online LXR Exam – timed exam

It is possible to pass the LXR exam but not score high enough to move on to the next step.  To determine a cut off score we look at a number of factors such as how many applicants pass the exam and how many openings we have.

Step 2 – By Invitation Only

Part 1 – Complete a detailed background check packet

Part 2  – Physical Fitness Exam –must pass to move on

Part 3  – Oral Exam –given and scored by a panel of 3 ISP experts

Those who pass the physical fitness exam and score high enough on the oral exam may be given a contingent offer of employment pending the background check process.

Step 3 – By Invitation Only

Part 1 – Employment and Reference Check

Part 2 – Education Check

Part 3 – Traffic Check

Part 4 – Credit Check

Part 5 – Fingerprints Run and Criminal Check

Part 6 – Polygraph Exam

Part 7 – Psychological Evaluation

Part 8 – Medical Evaluation

Final offers are confirmed with successful applicants and scheduled to start training.

Note: The process outlined above takes approximately 5 months to complete and may require as many as three trips to Meridian Idaho.


The Idaho State Police is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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