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Cyndi Hall
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Continued Leadership!

8/2/2018–Idaho State Police Forensic Services is being recognized nationally for many forward thinking initiatives. We have recently presented in several national venues and received enormous praise for our sexual assault kit tracking software.  Last week we announced several new grants awarded to ISPFS for addressing sexual assault issues in Idaho.  The first grant provides funding for an individual to provide training across Idaho to Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners (SANE) and coordinate community Sexual Assault Response Teams (SART). The individual in this new position will travel and provide training to SANE nurses across Idaho, providing an estimated 250 Idaho nurses with a basic, 40-hour SANE training course and clinical experience. The grant will also provide sexual assault evidence collection facilities with adequate equipment and supplies for that purpose. Idaho State Police is collaborating with numerous government and community partners to ensure the best possible medical and criminal justice resources exist to help Idaho's survivors of sexual assaults. Idaho is a national leader in addressing this important issue, and our state has passed aggressive laws to test and retain sexual assault kits.  We're now working to ensure we have the best-trained nurses and best-organized communities against this crime in the nation. These new grants will make a huge difference towards those goals.  More information on this initiative is available on our website SANE_SART_News_Release

ISPFS Laboratory System Director Matthew Gamette recently testified before the United State Senate Judiciary Committee regarding resources needed in our crime laboratory.  Senate_Testimony One of the most interesting national statistics he presented was that for every 1% reduction in lab turnaround time, there is a 1.29% increase in cases submitted to the lab, and a 3.9% increase in the number of items submitted.  Our laboratory in Idaho is increasing productivity and capacity, but demand outpaces rapid lab growth.  We appreciate the support of our Idaho legislature for three new positions we are in the process of filling in the DNA, Chemistry, and Latent Print units of our lab.  We are also continuing to improve the toxicology offerings at the state lab with an infusion of about $800,000 in new instrumentation provided by the legislature this year.  New data has just been added to our website regarding the FY2018 submissions and output.  This data is available on the “Our Services and Disciplines” tab.  The trends can be evaluated for the last three years.  You will note that the submissions are increasing each year, and our scientists are more productive every year.  Our scientists are working extremely hard and we appreciate all their efforts for the citizens of Idaho. 

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