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The Idaho State Police Alcohol Beverage Control Division has been working to prevent access to alcohol by underage youth, (those under Idaho's legal drinking age of 21 years). Programs like our Alcohol Compliance Checks work to help insure retailers comply with statues prohibiting sales or service of alcohol to these under aged persons.

As we move into the graduation season, we are also concerned that some students may choose to make alcohol a part of their celebrating. We have seen a perennial problem with underage drinking at 'keggers' and other parties. Enforcement efforts will continue aimed at reducing these situations where illegal underage consumption takes place, but it will also take the efforts of concerned parents, students, retailers, and other community leaders to impact this problem.

The graduation season and subsequent summer months traditionally are the period when the greatest number of alcohol-involved traffic crashes take place. (See chart1).  Each year, underage drinkers who then drive often kill and injure themselves as well as others on Idaho highways. (See chart2)  As an enforcement agency, we will be working to prevent underage drinking and to apprehend those who unwisely choose to drink and drive. We are also working to promote responsible choices.

We are running a Radio and TV ad. The ad recently won the Region IV American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA) - PACE (Public Affairs & Consumer Education) award for television/radio spots. It will be running on stations across Idaho from mid-May through early June. The spots are a cooperative effort between the Idaho State Police - Alcohol Beverage Control Division, the Idaho Department of Juvenile Corrections, and the Idaho Transportation Department - Office of Highway Safety.  IDJC and ITD-OHS have provided funding for the airtime through a special grant to the ISP-ABC.  We hope that students will be prompted to think twice about the potential consequences of drinking and driving.  We are also lending our support to various local, state, and national groups who are working to promote safe graduation celebrations and responsible decisions by young drivers.

We offer the following links to sites where good information on this topic is also available:

Idaho Office of Highway Safety - Celebrate Graduation - Over 15,000 students from 105 Idaho high schools will celebrate graduation at these alcohol-free parties.  Funding for "Celebrate Graduation 2004" is provided by a grant from the Idaho Transportation Department Office of Highway Safety and Idaho Department of Juvenile Corrections and administered by the State Department of Education. Each school's grant varies by the number of students who participate in its all-night, alcohol-free graduation night celebration.

XTR4 animated gif
XTR4 - Teen Driver website
Check out this cool site from the Idaho Transportation aimed at teens!
Community Drug and Alcohol Information - This is a link to another section of the ISP web site where you will find information and links to many other sites. -  This Ontario, Canada site is full of great ideas for planning safe graduation celebrations as well as facts about alcohol and drugs.

Photo - Serve Kids - Serve Time Billboard

Serve Kids - Serve Time   - Our billboard campaign

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A statewide campaign aimed at discouraging the sale, service or provision of alcohol to minors is being launched during summer 2005 across Idaho.  Billboards like that pictured  above will be posted across the state.  The starkly visual image reminds those who work in bars, restaurants, retail stores, or other places where alcohol is sold as well as others who might be tempted to purchase alcohol for minors that to do so is a crime the punishment for which can include jail time.  The campaign is a joint effort of the Idaho Department of Juvenile Corrections, the Idaho State Police - Alcohol Beverage Control Division, and the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP). 

"We take this issue very seriously, said ISP Alcohol Beverage Control Bureau Chief, Lt. Bob Clements.  "Not only will we be continuing our compliance checks of retail establishments this summer, but we will also be vigilant for anyone else including private citizens who might be procuring alcohol for minors," he said.  "You do no favors for a juvenile when you agree to purchase alcohol for them and in fact, not only do you put them at risk but you also subject yourself to liability and prosecution," he said.   "You can and may very well spend time in jail for an offense of Idaho Code 23-603 or Idaho Code 23-615.  Violation of these statutes constitutes a misdemeanor and punishments for such can include jail time as well as fines."

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