Protecting the lives, property, and constitutional rights of people in Idaho since 1919.

Ensuring all establishments selling or producing alcoholic beverages, including liquor, beer, and wine are properly licensed and conform to the law.

Alcohol Beverage Control

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Please see attached letter from ABC Bureau Chief, Captain Brad Doty regarding Winery Catering Permits[pdf]

Alcohol Awareness Training

ABC online training has been updated and is now available. All licensees, employees and servers are encouraged to complete the training as we continue to work together towards responsible alcohol service and sales.


Please see attached letter from ABC Bureau Chief, Captain Brad Doty regarding "Coin Pusher" gaming machines [pdf]


ABC Reporting Site for Monthly Beer & Wine Reports and Certificate of Approval Shipment Reports

Click on the link above to enter required monthly reports.

ABC Appointment Letter Template


Wine Infographic

Idaho Wineries are you curious what kind of permit you need for offsite sales and service? Check out our Infographic above.


ABC Active License and Permit Verification

Click on this link to view, print and export current alcohol beverage licenses and permits.

Distribution Rights Guidelines [pdf] [August 2015]

Home Brewing Information

Recently we have had a lot of questions in regards to home brewing contests and other forms of competition. Idaho and Federal law allows the privilege of manufacturing wine or brewing beer for personal and family use in the privacy of your home without a brewery or winery license. Idaho State law does not permit an unlicensed person to allow their wine or beer to be consumed by the general public in such contests, competitions or exhibitions. If you intend to compete in a homemaker’s contest, competition or exhibition you must obtain the proper state, county, city and federal licensing. For more information click here. [pdf]

License Expiration Dates [pdf]

Chart of alcohol beverage license expiration date by county.

Administrative Violation Penalty Schedule [pdf]

A list of the common alcohol beverage violations and penalties associated.

Hearing Officer and Director's Decisions on ABC Administrative Cases

The Grail

Extension of Credit - Idaho Codes §§1031 & 1326 [pdf]

Guidelines to understanding the changes to the extension of credit statutes. [July 2011]

State Issued Identification Cards [pdf]

Information on the new State of Idaho Driver's Licenses and ID Cards. [June 2012]

Notice to Liquor License Applicants [pdf]

Please read the above notice if you considering obtaining a liquor license in the State of Idaho. [posted July 2007]

Guidelines For Off Premise Alcohol Delivery [pdf]

Alcohol delivery information.



Training Opportunities

Please click on the links below for upcoming training opportunities for your employees and business. See also our free online Alcohol Awareness Training link above.

Fingerprint Fee

The fee for applicant fingerprint based background check is $41.50 based on the fee schedule from the FBI. Cards sent with the wrong amount will result in a return of the cards and license application and will delay processing. Your cooperation in this matter is greatly appreciated.

Attention Idaho Wineries:

Please complete the Application for Winery Sponsored Event per Idaho Code 23-1338 and e-mail it to ABC for approval at .

Winery Sponsored Event Form [pdf]


License Applications and Permits

Beer and Wine License Application [pdf]
Form for qualifying businesses selling or wishing to sell beer and/or wine by the drink or bottle.

Liquor License Application [pdf]
Application form for qualifying entities wishing to sell liquor by the drink. This form is for transfer of existing licenses or for a new specialty license. (See Liquor Priority List Application to apply to be on an Incorporated City Priority list)

Liquor Priority List Application [pdf]
Use this application to be placed on a priority list for an Incorporated City liquor by the drink license.

Wholesale License Application [pdf]
Use this form for a new license or to transfer or change your current license. (used only for wholesalers & distributors that will have an Idaho location and distribute beer/wine in Idaho)

Beer and Wine Permit for Benevolent, Charitable and Public Purpose Events [pdf]
Proceeds from the event (not to exceed three days) must be donated to a non-profit organization.

Certificate of Approval Application [pdf]
Use this application for a license to import beer into Idaho.



Affidavit Release of License [pdf]
Transfer your alcohol beverage license to another person or persons (Use only when the original license is not available).

Certification of Annual Beer Production [pdf]
Amount of beer produced yearly by your brewery in gallons.

Supplemental Application for Brewers Pub or Retail License [pdf]
If your brewery produces less than thirty thousand barrels of beer annually, use this form to apply for a retail beer license or brewer's pub license.

Letter of Appointment [pdf]
Use this form for out of state suppliers of beer and/or wine shipping to licensed Idaho wholesalers and distributors.


Miscellaneous Forms

Report Form for Beer and Wine Permit for Benevolent, Charitable and Public Purpose Events [pdf]


Receipt for Sales of Beer in Kegs for Unlicensed Group or Individual [pdf]
Each business selling kegs of beer to go, must have a license and must complete this receipt for sales of beer in kegs.  The form must be maintained at the licensed premise for 6 months.



If you experience any problems with the price posting program, please contact ABC at

Electronic Price Posting Program for all Idaho wholesalers, distributors, brewers, brew pubs and wineries.



Effective July 1, 2006, all wineries that ship wine directly to Idaho residents are required to get a Direct Shipper Permit from the Alcohol Beverage Control Bureau.  Please read all requirements and obtain the necessary instructions and forms from the Idaho State Tax Commission, web site:  Please note: annual renewal forms are mailed 8 weeks prior to the expiration date on your permit.  Please contact our office if you have further questions.

Idaho Wine Direct Shipping Requirements

Generic form for the annual reporting requirements: Idaho Direct Shipper Report form [excel document]



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