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State Police


On May 22, 2012 shipments of weapons were discontinued pending a full weapon inventory reconciliation for all participating States and Territories. This moratorium will be in effect until further notice.


The charges asssessed per weapon by USA TACOM: 

  • 1911 Pistol: $13.63 per weapon plus shipping charge.
  • M-14 Rifle: $13.63 per weapon plus shipping charge.
  • M-16 Rifle: $36.63 per weapon plus shipping charge.


Law Enforcement Agencies (LEA) current in the 1033 Program can request weapons. The weapons currently available through the program are M16 rifles, M14 rifles, and 1911 pistols.  Agencies requesting M16 rifles and 1911 pistols can request a quantity equal to 100% of their full-time and part-time officers (reserve officers cannot be counted).  Agencies requesting M14 rifles can request a quantity equal to 50% of their full-time and part-time officers.

  • .38 caliber pistols and 12-guage shotguns are NO LONGER AVAILABLE.


In order to request weapons, the LEA must submit a completed Weapons Request Form (cannot be done online).  Please double check your form before submitting it to the State Point of Contact (POC) to make sure all the required information is entered.  


Both M14 and M16 rifles require registration from the Bureau of Alochol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF).  An ATF form 10 is forwarded to the LEA once the transfer of the weapons from Rock Island, IL has been approved.  This form must be completed upon receipt of the rifles.  The originals must be forwarded to the ATF and copies forwarded to the POC.  Once the LEA receives approved copies from the ATF, they too, must be forwarded to the POC.


Weapons obtained from the former 1208 and the current 1033 Program CANNOT be sold.  Please refer to the Forbid to Sell policy.  Weapons cannot be transferred without POC, Law Enforcement Support Office (LESO), and ATF approval.  ATF approval is obtained by completing an ATF form 5, but only after receiving POC and LESO approval.  If an LEA wishes to transfer weapons, please contact the POC.


To inquire about the registration status of a weapon, please contact the National Firearms Act Branch at (304) 616-4500.