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State Police


Law enforcement agencies (LEA) that have received 1033 equipment are required to conduct an annual inventory check per the State Plan of Operation.  A copy of the LEA's inventory is included with the annual renewal packet. Equipment listed on an LEA's inventory CANNOT be transferred, sold, disposed, destroyed or traded without approval from the POC and LESO.  In order to request approval, the LEA must complete either a Transfer Request form or a Turn-in/Disposal Request form and submit it to the POC.   


Requesting 1033 Equipment

Equipment can be requested at:

Click on "External Business Portal".  Then select "Registered Users Login Here," which will bring up a screen with a Website Security Certificate Warning. Choose "Continue to this website (not recommended)". This will bring up an agreement screen. When you accept, the login screen becomes available, so you may enter your ID.  If you are unable to locate your ID, please contact the State POC.  On the next page, which is opened on a new screen, choose the "Disposition Services" tab near the top left of the screen. On that screen, select "RTD." Another new screen will become available, and prompting you to "Continue to this website (not recommended)". Now you're in and you may begin your search for gear. On the left side of the screen, hover over Law Enforcement Support Office, and choose LESO Search. Once equipment has been requested, the State POC MUST be notified, so the request can be reviewed and either approved or disapproved as soon as possible.


For further detailed instructions on requesting property, please see the following:

Certain equipment cannot be requested in the online system. For aircraft and armored tactical vehicles, submit the appropriate form to be placed on a waiting list. As these items become available, your application will be considered.

For information about requesting weapons, please see the Weapons page.


Many agencies with 1033 equipment will notice a decrease in the amount of equipment on their current inventory.  This is due to changes in federal requirements.  All property with Demil Code A or Q6 will be removed from an LEA's inventory after one year.  The removed equipment can be disposed of without formal approval from the POC and LESO, but the equipment must be disposed of following the LEA's equipment disposal procedures.  It is recommended that an LEA contact the POC prior to disposing of this equipment to ensure that Demil Codes have not changed.