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State Police


Listed below are the necessary forms each agency must complete in order to participate in the 1033 Program.  Before submitting the required information to the State Point of Contact (SPOC), please make copies for your files.


Application for Participation


Idaho 1033 Federal Military Excess Equipment Program Plan of Operation (SPO) These program requirements should be read by all personnel listed on the application.  The Chief or Sheriff must also read and sign, agreeing to the terms listed.

Return the completed application and SPO to the SPOC:

    • via email:;
    • OR via fax: 208-884-7290;
    • OR via USPS:
      Idaho State Police
      Attn: Amy Jordan
      700 S. Stratford Dr.
      Meridian, ID 83642


Upon receipt of all required documents, the SPOC will forward the Application for Participation to the Law Enforcement Support Office (LESO) for reiview and approval.  Once approved by LESO, the individuals listed on the application may register in the following websites so that he or she may screen/request excess 1033 equipment.

1. AMPS. It is necessary to register here first to establish roles and permissions in the other websites. Follow these instructions to get registered.

2. DLA/RTD. After you have received notification of enrollment in AMPS, you may register in DLA/RTD. This is the website on which you will screen for and requisition equipment. Follow these instructions to get registered.

3. FEPMIS. Before you are allowed to requisition gear in DLA/RTD, you must register in FEPMIS. FEPMIS serves as your agency's property book. Here you will receipt and track your property. You will also be required to account for your property annually using this website. Follow these instructions to get registered. After you have registered in FEPMIS, please contact the SPOC so that your FEPMIS user profile may be updated.

For more information on requesting equipment, please see the "Equipment" page.