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State Police

Compliance Reviews

Compliance reviews are required by the Memorandum of Agreement between the Defense Logistics Agency and the State of Idaho.  Agencies who have obtained equipment through the 1033 Program are subject to compliance reviews. 


An e-mail containing the date and time of the compliance review is forwarded to the Law Enforcement Agency's (LEA) point of contact approximately two (2) weeks prior to the review.  A copy of a Compliance Review Checklist (sample) is attached to the e-mail. 


Compliance reivews are broken down into three (3) parts:

  • Reviewing the checklist
  • Reviewing the LEA's 1033 Program file(s)
  • Examining the 1033 equipment currently at the agency
    • Equipment issued to officers in the field does not have to be present during the review, but the agency must be able to account for it.


After the compliance review, the State Point of Contact (POC) will finalize the Compliance Review Checklist and include any comments, follow-up, action items or recommendations.  The finalized review is forwarded to the LEA and a copy signed by the head of the agency must be returned to the State POC.  Failure to return the signed compliance review will result in future equipment request delays.  Action items require the LEA's immediate attention for compliance.  If these items are not addressed, the LEA may have to return all equipment obtained from the 1033 Program.