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Idaho Statistical Analysis Center (ISAC)

Current ISAC Publications

The following are clickable links to the most current publications produced by ISAC. The files are in PDF format.

Domestic Violence in Idaho: 2007 - 2012 September 2013 Combines police reported domestic violence incidents and court reported incidents to examine the prevelance and outcome of domestic violence cases in Idaho.
Idaho Drug and Alcohol Related Offenses and Arrests: 2005 - 2012 July 2013 Reports on the latest number of drug and alcohol arrests per county in Idaho, as well as the demographics of users by type of drug, prevelence of drug use within violent crimes, and maps showing areas with significant increases in arrests.
American Indian Crime in Idaho: Victims, Offenders, and Arrestees March 2013 Provides rates of reported and estimated rates of non-reported violent crime from the 2008 Idaho Crime Victimization Survey, from Idaho Tribal Police data (2004 - 2009), and from Idaho Incident Based Reporting System data (2005 - 2011).
Violent Crimes Against Children in Idaho as Reported to Law Enforcment: 1998-2011 October 2012 Provides trends in violent crimes against children from Idaho State Incident-Based Reporting (IIBR) data. The rates of violent crime against both children and adults are down nationally and within Idaho.
Domestic Violence in Idaho
Domestic Violence in Idaho: A Compilation of Court Filings and Police Reported Incidents: 2005 - 2010 May 2012  Domestic violence assault and battery, no contact order violations, domestic violence protection order violations, attempted strangulation and stalking cases are analyzed and compiled along with police reports of intimate partner and family violence.
An Evaluation of a Comprehensive Community Initiative: Switch-Track. March 2012 Provides results from an evaluation of Project Switch-Track, a Community Initiative developed in Canyon County, Idaho. Switch-Track was successful in developing two in-house youth attendance courts and a formal Truancy Magistrate Court, as well as supporting law enforcement drug and gang strategies and community prevention programs.
Needs Assessment
Idaho Criminal Justice Needs Assessment March 2012 Reports results from a needs assessment survey aimed at identifying gaps in resources within the criminal justice community. 379 Idaho cirminal justice professionals provided feedback on substance abuse issues, adult and juvenile crime, gaps in resources, favorable promising programs and factors that may reduce illicit drug use and crime in general.
Idaho Drug and Alcohol Related Offenses and Arrests: 2006 - 2010   March 2012. Report addresses the prevelence of alcohol and drug related incidents and arrests between 2006 through 2010. Presciption drug arrests are increasing, as are the proportion of individuals suspected to be under the influence of drugs during the commission of a crime.
Crime on School Campuses: 2005 - 2010 November 2011. Provides the number of reported school offenses to both police and school officials and makes comparisons with survey estimates to indicate crime trends on school campuses in Idaho.
Idaho Crime Victimization Survey: 2008 May 2011. Provides results from the latest Idaho Crime Victimization survey. 3,229 Idahoans answered questions regarding crime experienced in 2008, perceptions of safety within their community, and satisfaction with law enforcement.
Evaluation of the Lemhi County/City of Salmon Integrated Community Based Problem Solving Initiative April 2011. Describes the process and outcome of a rural community based iniative targeted at substance abuse. A breakdown of successes is provided in areas of law enforcement, prevention, offender accountability and treatment.
Drug and Alcohol Related Offenses and Arrests: 2005 - 2009. February 2011. Report addresses numbers of alcohol and drug related offense and arrests between 2005 through 2009. Demographics of individuals arrested in possession of various drugs are provided. Rates are mapped per county.
The Relationship between Substance Abuse and Crime in Idaho
The Relationship Between Substance Abuse and Crime in Idaho. December 2010. Combines information from many state agency reports addressing substance abuse and crime in Idaho. Current research trends are presented and estimates for possible numbers of individuals in Idaho addicted to drugs and/or alcohol.
Victims of Crime

Victims of Crime: Property, Violent Crime, Intimate Partner, Family Violence and Sexual Assault December 2010. Provides the number of victims of property, violent crime, intimate partner violence, non-intimate partner family violence and sexual assault for years 2005 through 2009. Describes trends and gives demographics, location of incidence and injury to victim information. Data is taken from reported incidents in Idaho from the Idaho Incident Based Reporting System (IIBRS).

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