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The Training Program

P.O.S.T. Academy

The Peace Officer Standards and Training (P.O.S.T.) Academy is a 10 week course that all police officers in Idaho must complete before becoming a certified police officer. If a probationary recruit has already completed this training and holds a current Idaho P.O.S.T. certification as a police officer, this stage of training may be waived. P.O.S.T. Academy classes are held at the Idaho State Police Training Complex in Meridian, Idaho.

ISP Advanced Training Class

Every probationary recruit must successfully complete the Idaho State Police Advanced Training Class (ATC). This 14 week course is also held at the Idaho State Police Training Complex in Meridian, Idaho, and will teach the specific concepts and skills needed to be a successful Trooper.

Field Training Program

Probationary recruits must successfully complete the Idaho State Police Field Training Evaluation Program (FTEP). During this stage the probationary recruit works with an experienced Trooper who teaches, evaluates and documents the probationary recruit in an on-the-job setting. This stage lasts approximately 12 weeks and is usually completed in the probationary recruit's assigned area.

Continuing Education

Although the three stages comprise the training curriculum of a new Trooper, the training that Troopers receive over their careers does not stop there. The Idaho State Police is proud to offer some of the best training in Idaho. Each year our Training Section provides in-service training to all officers of the Idaho State Police. In addition, some officers are selected to receive specialized training as Drug Recognition Experts, Field Training Officers, Accident Reconstruction Specialists, Crisis Intervention Officers, and many more areas. A career with the Idaho State Police is one of continual learning.


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